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Reasons Why Mobile Battery Easily Drain

You might wonder why your phone easily get drain even though you just use your phone for a short span of time. Some people say that the longevity of the mobile phone battery depends on the mobile specs. However, it is not only on the mobile specs that one should … Continue reading

Protect Yourself from Mobile Malware

As many people are using Android Smartphones, the number of malware attacks on mobile phone is also increasing. According to Kaspersky, the number of attacks on Android devices has grown from 5,500 from the first quarter of 2012 to 15,000 attacks on the second quarter of 2012. With the increasing … Continue reading

Android Mobile Phones and Its Advantages

As the growing demand of mobile phone has increased nowadays, the demand and popularity of Android phone have also increased. The reason for the fast demand of Android phone is because many people treat android phone to be a necessity rather than having it as a luxury. Furthermore, android mobile … Continue reading

Everything about Mobile Applications

Having a mobile phone is now a necessity used for communication tool for business, work and personal purposes. Once an individual will own a mobile phone such as iPhone or Smartphone, one will realize the importance of mobile application. Through mobile applications, mobile phones nowadays are not limited for calling … Continue reading

Second Phone Number Mobile Application

There are mobile applications that provides two second line and second phone number for your mobile phone. Most two line cell phone android phones applications offer users to incorporate two separate phone lines (two different phone numbers) into one device. With this feature, you can add a second cell phone … Continue reading

Everything about Mobile Applications

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Android Mobile Phones and Its Advantages

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